My First Shambhala Level 1


I remember my first Shambhala Level 1 retreat in Milwaukee many years ago.  I had a mix of reactions, both positive and negative.  But the impression that has stuck with me was a feeling that I had accomplished something unique, something many people can not accomplish: I sat still with myself and others and allowed all of us to just be.  I felt that taking this path would change my heart profoundly in a quiet and dignified way.  It did.

Since then, I have redone Level 1 multiple times, sometimes as a staff person to help make the weekend as easy as possible for new participants.  Each teacher presents the wisdom teaching in his/her/their own way and each group brings a different quality to the experience.  I have met many wonderful friends at each program.

Level 1 seems relatively simple, yet there is a profound nugget at its core:  you have the innate ability to appreciate yourself.  You can actually poke some holes in all that self-criticism you constantly carry within you.

Have you been curious about experiencing Basic Goodness beyond the words in books?  If so, please join us for Level 1 “The Art of Being Human” which is coming up on May 14th through 16th.

The dates and teachers for the first 5 classes are:

Level 1   May 14-16, 2021   w/ Acharya Arawana Hayashi

Level 2   July 9-11, 2021     w/ Acharya Fleet Maull

Level 3   Sept 10-12, 2021  w/ Acharya Judith Simmer-Brown

Level 4   Nov 5-7, 2021       w/ Acharya Mathias Pongracz

Level 5   Jan 14-16, 2022    w/ Acharya Gaylon Ferguson

We have more information for Level 1 on the program page: The Art of Being Human May 14-16


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