A Year of Deepening in Compassion Part II: The Joyful Snow Lion and The Paramitas

May 12th—July 14th

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  • $90 Program price
  • $100 Patron price
Room: Downstairs Shrine Room

The Joyful Snow Lion and The Paramitas, is the second course of this four-part series exploring the Shambhala Mahayana teachings. This course includes an exploration of Relative Bodhicitta and how we put our aspiration into action with the practice of the Paramitas.

It also includes:
– Five live classes with an Acharya with an opportunity for Q&A.
– The classes will be recorded, and each will be led by a different Acharya.
– Access to the recordings will be available in the course, if you miss a session.
– A live discussion led by the Acharyas. Live discussions are not recorded.
– Readings and book suggestions to deepen our understanding of these teachings
– Contemplations to help us integrate these fundamental teachings into our daily lives
– A discussion forum.

Schedule for Live Sessions and Talks (all Sundays)
May 5 – Generosity with Acharya Marty Janowitz (preceded by a short recorded intro talk with Acharya Chapman)
May 19 – Discipline with Acharya Susan Chapman
June 2 – Patience with Acharya Suzann Duquette
June 16 – Exertion with Acharya Moh Hardin
June 30 – Live Group Discussion led by the Acharyas
July 14 – Samadhi and Course Conclusion, with Acharya John Rockwell

Please note: This is a Shambhala Online program hosted by local coordinators. Drop-ins are welcome to come to one or more sessions as their schedules allow. A drop in donation of $20-$25 per session is suggested, but not required. Dates, times, and locations may change to accomodate schedules of the regular group. Therefore, drop-ins should contact Sandy at [email protected] for updates. As always, our Generosity Policy applies.*

*Our Generosity Policy

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