Meditation in Everyday Life

with Patrick Dallas & Steven Anderson

March 18th—April 15th -Date postponed or cancelled

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  • $90 Program price
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Room: Main Shrine Room

This course provides introductory tools and teachings for working with meditation in everyday life. With simple instructions and support, mindfulness meditation practice can become part of one's life, revealing our innate stability, strength and clarity.

This first course in the Everyday Life series will provide an opportunity to learn and deepen one’s understanding of meditation, with practical suggestions for establishing a sitting practice in the midst of our speedy lives.

Mr. Dallas  and Mr. Anderson will present the practice of peaceful abiding meditation and guidance on how to establish a meditation practice. By deepening our experience and understanding of ourselves through the practice of meditation, we more fully become who we already are.

This is the companion course to The Art of Being Human. However, it is open to everyone. No previous meditation experience is required.