Windhorse Retreat Center

Near Milwaukee, Windhorse Retreat Center for Peace, Meditation and Sustainability, is a retreat/practice center affiliated with Shambhala International. Open year-round the retreat center has been offering meditation related programs since 2002. Windhorse Retreat Center is also available for group and individual retreats, artistic gatherings, nature retreats, and private events.


windhorseWindhorse Retreat Center
W7110 Co Rd U
Plymouth, WI 53073

When people come to a place like Windhorse Retreat Center, they encounter a quality of human warmth and care that may be missing in the rest of their lives. Where is this warmth coming from? This process of awakening is what we must all continue and develop further, fulfilling the liberation of all beings.

With the world in increasing turmoil and fear arising, peoples search for peace of mind is intensifying. It is like a search for water in the desert. This peace is the precious jewel we offer. People connect with it through our Shambhala Centers and groups and, often most powerfully, through the experience of being at our land and retreat centers. These are environments blessed by the lineage and saturated with drala. As peoples minds come to rest through practice, the seeds of bodhichitta are watered and the noble qualities of the heart come forth – the most powerful of awakenings.

– The Sakyong, Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche