Local Resources

Wang Tang (Store)

Please check our store, Wang Tang, for practice supplies or study materials. It is located on the lower level of the Shambhala Center. If you are in need of something not currently in stock, perhaps it can be ordered. See our Contacts Directory for the store manager contact information.

Lisa Havelin has donated a collection of jewelry to the Minneapols Shambhala Center, which is now for sale in the downstairs branch of Wangtang. As you may know, Lisa is a metalsmith, and each piece of jewelry is handmade in her St. Paul studio. The jewelry is lovely, and both the Shambhala Center and individuals who purchase it will benefit from her generosity. Next time you are at the Center, treat yourself by at least looking at the work of one of our sangha artists.


Library of Books and Tapes

We have a selection of dharma books in our library, as well as tape recordings of teachings that have been given at our Center over the years.

Thanks to the efforts of the library volunteers, under the direction of our Senior Dharma Librarian, Mark Wilhelmi.

To check out a book, write your name, your email address, and today’s date on the green library card in the back of the book. Put the card in the little plastic box. You may keep it for a month.

To return a book, put it in the “returns” basket. The librarians will re-shelve it.

To donate books, put them in the “donations” basket. Right now, we are especially looking for books by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and Pema Chodron. All Dharma books are welcome. They will be reviewed by the library staff, and either placed in the collection or used to generate funds for book purchases.