Shambhala Online Partnership Program

Shambhala Online began a partnership program with local centers in the fall of 2023 to offer selected live online courses that can be hosted locally. It will help local centers by sharing revenue when our members sign up for the programs.

Selected Live Courses

The partnership program has enabled our center to offer the Shambhala Training weekends again. The weekends are led by outstanding teachers connected with Shambhala Centers around the world. We’ll include the selected live courses on our website periodically. The programs can be taken individually from home or hosted at our local Minneapolis Center if there is enough interest.

Whether or not we host locally at our Center, Minneapolis can receive 50% of the revenue for any registrations from our Center, with your help. We’ll include the instructions for each program on our website which will allow Minneapolis to share revenue.

Registration Instructions

1. Open the program page on the Minneapolis website.
2. Click the link provided to open the Shambhala On-Line program page.
3. Click the “Register Now” box on the side.
4a. Log in using your user name and password.
4b. or create a Shambhala account, or follow instructions to register as a guest.
5. Find the “Revenue Share Center” box.
6. Enter “Minneapolis”
7. Find the “Revenue Share Code” box.
8. Enter the code listed for that program into the box.
9. Complete your registration.
10. Request a discount if needed (see information below)

For example, Shambhala Training Level IV is offered by Shambhala Online on March 16-17, 2024. Our local website registration page provides the following information:

Register on the Shambhala Online website at this link: Level IV

Be sure to enter Minneapolis in the “Revenue Share Center” box and use this code in the “Revenue Share Code” box: 2024LEVELIV50

If you register for that program, enter 2024LEVELIV50 into the Revenue Share Code box (step 8). Each program of this kind will have a specific code so please copy it from our program description.


All Other Courses

The revenue-sharing program applies to all other Shambhala Online courses as well, both live and recorded (available in the library). Minneapolis receives 25% of the revenue for any registrations from our Center, as long as you fill in “Minneapolis” (steps 5-6 above) and the revenue sharing code (steps 7-8 above) which is 2024RevShare25.


If you are concerned about the prices of the on-line programs, you can request a discount.

Select the discount request button below the “Register Now” box on the registration page. This will take you to an online form where you can fill in your request. Note that if you have already taken the Level and are repeating it, you can request a 50% discount using the other reasons category and entering “repeating the program”.


The Shambhala Online partnership program is a wonderful opportunity to provide a wealth of live course offerings and an extensive recorded catalog to our members, while also supporting our local center financially.