Solitary Retreats

Solitary retreats with intensive meditation practice can help practitioners deepen their understanding of mind. Such retreats have a long history within the Buddhist traditions.

The Minneapolis Shambhala Center now offers retreat opportunities of 1 day or many days.



All retreatants must complete the following prerequisites:

•  Completion of at least a weekthün (a week-long, silent, group meditation retreat) in the Shambhala tradition or group shamatha-vipashyana meditation

•  Established daily meditation practice of at least one year.

•  Letter of recommendation from your meditation instructor.

•  Advance meeting with your meditation instructor to discuss retreat plans: view, intention, practice, daily schedule, and study materials.




Center Facilities

The lower level of our center has a full bath with shower, full kitchen, shrine room, lounge area, sofa bed, and library. Retreatants supply their own food and linens (sheets and towels).

The cost is $30/day.

For more information, please contact [email protected]