Poem by Sue Stephens: I Have Found This to Be True

A poem from Sue Stephens, one of our teachers, is a heart-felt example of Dharma Art.

By Sue Stephens

I have found this to be true:

When anger arises, ego feeds
using untamed fuel to build itself up,
separates from all beyond the sense of self.
Anger spreads to everything—
a whole perceived world
seen through angry ego eyes.
The view is fixed, transformation
is not possible unless
some clarity of mind slips in.

Arising anger energy consumes
the fear and sadness ego cannot tolerate.
If it could feel the sadness,
allow it to be in the heart
instead of being fixed,
the view would open,
then ego dissolves into openness,
abiding peace and freedom.

I have found this to be true.

©Sue Stephens 4/26/21


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