Sowing Seeds of Peace: The Transformation of Anger - A Day Long Program

with Judith Simmer-Brown

May 5th

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Room: Main Shrine Room


This program is open to everyone and provides a rare opportunity to experience one of our most senior Buddhist teachers. 


Course Description

During these divisive times, anger in the public square affects every aspect of our life together, usually as obstacle but also as opportunity.  What do the Buddhist and Shambhala teachings have to offer us in how to work with anger, our own and others?  Drawing from the timeless teachings of warriorship from the Indian master Shantideva and from the ever-current terma of Shambhala, this one-day program investigates anger, its felt qualities and its inherent wisdom, and identifies ways of transforming anger into seeds of peace.  Through guided meditations, talks, and breakouts, we will explore the ways anger hurts us and everyone and identify what tender wisdom lies at its core.  This program is for everyone, no matter what level of Buddhist practice.


During her visit to Minneapolis, she will also lead a program at the Minneapolis Zen Center on Friday, May 3 and Saturday, May 4.  For more information about this program click here:  Zen Center Program


About the Teacher

Judith Simmer-Brown, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Contemplative and Religious Studies Emeritx at Naropa University, where she has taught for over 45 years. Simmer-Brown is a compassion trainer for the Compassion Initiative at Naropa. She is author of Dakini’s Warm Breath: The Feminine Principle in Tibetan Buddhism (Shambhala) and editor, with Fran Grace, of Meditation and the Classroom: Contemplative Pedagogy for Religious Studies (SUNY). For Shambhala, she teaches Shambhala Training levels, Mahayana and Vajrayana topics, with a special love of White Tara, feminine principle, working with emotions, compassion and social engagement.