Weekthun: A Week-Long Practice Intensive in Minneapolis

with Patrick Dallas

August 4th—August 11th (2018)

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  • $395 Program price
  • $450 Patron price
Room: Main Shrine Room

Practitioners of all levels are invited to join in this week of spacious mind.

The practice of sitting meditation slows our torrent of thoughts and distractions, and uncovers the stable, clear and potent quality of our mind. Adapted from the month-long Shambhala Dathun, this urban retreat is an opportunity for us to connect deeply with meditation and relate it directly to our lives. Beginners and seasoned meditators, as well as meditation practitioners of any silent tradition, are all welcome.

The week will include talks, meetings with meditation instructors, contemplative meals, yoga, and plenty of time to let your mind rest from the hectic pace of life. Participation in the program counts toward the Dathun requirement for Enlightened Society Assembly and the Weekthun requirement for Shambhala Guide training.

After the opening meeting on Saturday, August 4th, the program will continue at 6:30 AM through 6:30 PM each day. We plan to end mid-afternoon on the final day.

Partial full-day attendance is possible at the beginning of the retreat, if requested at the time of registration, and is at the Director's discretion.

Please note: The minimum number of people needed to provide this program is 10. Please register as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. If possible, please pay via credit card when you register.

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